Identity project for a large Far Eastern developer Identity development for the popular agency (as a contractor) Company activities: Creation and management of infrastructure in order to ensure the functioning of a gambling resort in the IRZ "Primorye". Mission: We create and develop world-class premium entertainment resorts. Target audience: Owners of large businesses in the Southeast Asia region, top managers of companies developing gambling resorts or interested in investing in the development of the Russian Far East. To a lesser extent - the officials of China and Russia. The associations with the logo that we want to evoke: wealth, elitism, reliability, nobility, etc. Symbol: If we are attached to a symbol, then this is not a banal diamond, but a hint of it. To make it easier for designers to work on layouts, there are a couple more questions to answer. What hinders cooperation with the company? Political instability, disbelief in the Russian gambling business, the feeling that Russia and the IRZ Primorye are a scoop legacy with all that it implies. What is the portrait of the person to whom the corporate identity is focused? Asian big business owners, officials, top managers. Solid middle-aged and older people. What are the key messages to the target audience? Diamond Fortune are reliable, connected people who know what tomorrow will bring and what they want. Development of a gambling zone in Primorye is impossible without us.