Rebranding / Cafe Lyblycoffee / SMM/ Copywriting/ Logo/ Identity/ Polygraphy/ ENG Rebranding project and renewed visual identity for the coffee shops network — "ЛЮБЛЮ КОФЕ" Recently I've received a request for rebranding for the network ЛЮБЛЮ КОФЕ. It is represented by two cozy coffee shops in the center of Kherson, created for comfortable communication and possibility to taste high-quality coffee. The need for rebranding appeared some time ago, but the owner couldn't formulate a technical task and restrictions for applying the logo to different types of visual communication. In course of time an understanding was found by demonstrating examples from other projects, as well as test printing of different elements to understand their future look. It was necessary to develop a more utilitarian logo, which would be suitable for placement on different types of products, and to renew the identity for a little bit. As a result a new sign, logo animation for Instagram, printing, stickers for the cups, wall menu, info-table labels, selected a font for different types of work.